Truck leasing and installment plan – strong performance for your company

Truck leasing for all types of trucks

The liquidity-preserving financing of trucks via truck leasing or installment plan is common practice in most companies. As germany's largest leasing broker, FM leasingpartner can help you find the perfect financing solution. Whether you want to buy a new truck or a used one, our financing offers allow you financial flexibility and freedom for entrepreneurial growth. Read below to find out what advantages leasing offers and when truck lease-purchase is more appropriate for you.

Plan safely with truck leasing

If you want to maintain your financial freedom, truck leasing is the right choice for you. This is because in the case of leasing, the selected commercial vehicle is provided to you by the lessor or. The leasing company has the vehicle for use within a contractually agreed period of time. For this use manageable leasing installments are to be paid to the leasing company.

Your advantages with truck leasing

Compared to other financing options, truck leasing can be quite flexible. In addition to the payment schedule of the leasing installments, the contract term can also be adapted to your needs and those of your company as far as possible. If you lease, you also benefit from planning and calculation security, because the amount of the leasing installments and the contract term are fixed from the start.

Since ownership of the commercial vehicle remains with the leasing company for the entire term of the contract, the truck is also capitalized on the leasing company's balance sheet. Your equity ratio remains unchanged. Another advantage of truck financing through leasing is that it preserves your company's financial flexibility. In contrast to buying a truck, leasing does not require you to make a large one-off payment to cover the purchase costs, and you remain independent of your bank.

Furthermore, there is an additional positive effect with leasing, which ensures that the leasing rates are less of a burden for your company: the "pay-as-you-earn" principle. This states that the leasing installments can usually be paid from the income generated by the purchased truck. Thus, the commercial vehicle amortizes virtually by itself. In addition to the "pay-as-you-earn principle", tax aspects are also worth mentioning for you as the lessee: the leasing installments are fully tax-deductible as business expenses.
Lease a truck and profit:

  • Protection of your liquid funds
  • Planning and calculation security
  • Balance sheet neutrality
  • Individual contract design within the scope of possibilities
  • Preservation of your financial room for maneuver
  • "Pay-as-you-earn
  • Tax deductibility of the installments

Financing used trucks – is that possible??

If you want to add a new semitrailer truck to your fleet, you will quickly have to pay around 200.Pay 000 euros. It is therefore hardly surprising that many entrepreneurs resort to used trucks. With only a few years to run, these can already be paid off with approx. Half the price of a new truck.
Even for used trucks, your personal contact at FM leasingpartner will always find an optimal financing offer that is perfectly tailored to your company's needs.

Truck installment plan – acquiring ownership by paying in installments

Truck on construction site financed via installment plan

The truck installment plan is also very often used by companies of all industries and sizes. Here, the focus is primarily on the automatic and guaranteed acquisition of ownership at the end of the contract term. With the first hire-purchase installment, you, as the hire-purchaser, obtain economic ownership. Upon payment of the last installment, the legal ownership of the truck is transferred to you. Installment plan is thus a modified form of loan financing. The acquisition costs for the commercial vehicle are spread over the monthly installments, which means that installment plan, like leasing, is a liquidity-preserving alternative to purchase.

In contrast to leasing, the lease-purchase item is accounted for by you as the lease-purchaser right from the start. Accordingly the installment plan has also influence on your equity ratio. In addition, the contract terms for installment plan are not subject to the leasing waiver and can thus be designed more flexibly. In addition, the sales tax on all lease-purchase installments to be paid (including any special lease payments and block installments) is due in advance and can then be reclaimed as paid input tax.

If you have any questions about installment plan or are undecided about the various forms of financing, your contact at FM will be happy to advise you individually. You can also find more information on installment plan at our subsidiary leasingo.

Your advantages with installment plan:

  • Protection of liquid funds compared to immediate purchase
  • Guaranteed acquisition of ownership of the object
  • Lease-purchaser can fully dispose of the object from the moment of takeover
  • Planning security thanks to constant installments
  • No further follow-up financing is required (but z. B. Possible at block rate)
  • High flexibility, as contract term can be freely designed
  • Cancellation of the contract (with installment payment) possible
  • Depreciation and interest expenses deductible as operating expenses

The right solution for every truck

Whether it's a tractor unit, a truck with a body, a tipper, a swap frame/chassis or a trailer/semitrailer: if companies are about to expand or renew their fleet, leasing and installment plan have long been commonplace as smart alternatives to purchasing. When financing such tractors or even entire truck fleets, however, the question arises as to which financing option is best suited to the individual situation. No matter which truck you choose: thanks to our large network of financing partners, we always find the optimal financing solution. A wide range of trucks can be found, for example, from manufacturers such as iveco, MAN, volvo, DAF or mercedes-benz.

Those who make up their minds at short notice can also compare up to 40 leasing and hire-purchase offers online, free of charge and without obligation, using the leasingorechner® of our subsidiary leasingo. Once the right truck model is selected, you can enter it in the search mask of the online comparison. If you then enter individual data, such as the down payment, the residual value or the desired contract term, leasingo shows you online truck leasing and hire-purchase offers that are precisely tailored to your needs – especially from those financing companies that have many years of expertise in trucks.