Traveling by car in the usa – traffic rules in the usa

Driving a car and traffic rules in the USA: "which driver's license and how is it otherwise?" This is certainly the first question when it comes to concrete vacation planning.

For tourist stays the european driving license is sufficient. In fact, there are a few peculiarities of traffic rules in the US, but these are not bad at all.

Turning and passing – different traffic rules in the USA

On the highway (freeway, interstate) we are allowed to overtake left and right. Drivers there also do that diligently. There is no such thing as a green arrow to turn right.

Los Angeles Hollywood - traffic rules in the USA

Of course, crossing the street as a pedestrian takes a little longer than in our country. Traveling through arizona, we are on the road for hours in the middle of nowhere, now and then a cottage but on the highways relatively many cars and a good cell phone reception. Crazy! This is what the US sim card brings us. We experience the great feeling of freedom.

Traffic rules in the USA – freeway and toll road

In california's major cities, z.B. In san diego or L.A. The accesses to the freeway are regulated by traffic lights. There is usually a red phase every two cars. This is to prevent too many cars from hitting the crowded freeway at the same time during rush hour. Freeway is like our freeway, without tolls. Toll booths are "toll roads" and are available as an alternative in some regions. These roads are usually not so heavily traveled. "Toll by plate" means that the license plates of the cars are recorded (in some states, such as bspw. In florida, the cars only have a license plate in the back. The "sun pass" is the electronic toll system in florida.

Florida Penhandle - Traffic rules in the USA

As with the toll routes in california, we have the tolls recorded electronically via a small box in the windshield.

The advantage lies in the speed: it is not necessary to stop and credit card resp. Pulling out cash.

More people in cars, more lanes

In big cities there is another way to save time: "fast lanes" or the lanes for "car pool" are on the far left and may be used by cars in which at least 2 people are seated. A good incentive to carpool, because the traffic is already enormous in the giant cities. Nevertheless, traffic on the crowded roads often rolls more than it stops. Amazing! Certainly also a merit of traffic planning, with imposing road architecture.

The limit of cars here is apparently not exhaustible. As a tourist you can only be amazed. Speaking of limits:

A green sign with the city name and the signature: "city limits" does not mean that the speed limit of the city must be observed. So indirectly yes already… But it corresponds to our local entrance sign!