The 10 best cash and treasury management providers 2022

Treasury and cash management professionals are predominantly concerned with digitizing cash management processes and improving cash flow visibility, as well as B2B payments security.

The cost of outdated processes, lack of control and visibility into liquidity can be daunting.

According to a recent study by nomentia, decision makers know that improving cash management processes provides a strategic competitive advantage. Eighty-three percent of decision makers in large multinationals agreed that low cash visibility brings hidden costs, and 63% believe the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the importance of cash, liquidity, transparency and security.

This is precisely why 52% of respondents are emphasizing the adoption of saas solutions for cash and treasury management, with the goal of complying with financial regulations, improving the quality of data and analytics, and improving decision making.

You want to improve your cash management? Below we have compiled a list of providers of cash and management solutions that you can include in your evaluation or tendering processes.

Note that the order of the list is arbitrary. Our mission is to introduce you to the best possible providers who can help you achieve your cash management goals.

1. Kyriba

Kyriba provides cloud treasury and financial solutions for cash and risk management, payments and working capital.

Use cases include accelerated ERP migrations, foreign currency risk control, fraud prevention, and supply chain management finance programs.

A selection of cash management podcasts from kyriba can be found here.

2. Gtreasury

Gtreasury's digital treasury management platform provides customers with cloud access to integrated treasury management and risk management solutions. Solutions include cash management, smart predictions, payments, banking, accounting, financial instruments, risk management and hedge accounting.

3. Coupa

In addition to treasury management, coupa also offers supply chain design and planning, strategic sourcing, contract management, contingent labor, supplier management, and spend analytics.

In the area of treasury management, coupa promises its customers to maximize liquidity, reduce financial risks and improve operational performance.

They offer solutions for cash management and liquidity management, debt and investment management, forecasting, multilateral netting, in-house banking, risk and receivables management, payments, fraud protection and reporting.

4. Calypso

In addition to treasury management, calypso offers a variety of financial solutions, such as.B. Investment management, central banks, clearing or capital markets, and much more.

5. Treasury intelligence solutions (TIS)

TIS's cloud software helps companies manage bank accounts, bank transactions and statements, as well as business discovery manager or sanction checking. Like the other vendors, TIS offers cash visibility, fraud prevention, payment factory and ERP integration.

6. Treasurypay

Treasurypay offers three main solutions:

  • Instant ledger for global data transparency
  • Instant visibility for cognitive business intelligence
  • Instant platform for centralized payments and receivables

Treasurypay serves the consumer packaged goods, financial services, manufacturing and public sector industries.

7. Zentreasury

Zentreasury offers its customers a treasury management system (TMS) to efficiently manage financial contracts throughout their lifecycle. Core modules include treasury accounting, foreign exchange, corporate and bank guarantees, and credit portfolio management.

8. Trinity treasury management

Trinity treasury management promises greater transparency, increased efficiency through automation, improved data quality, and enhanced audit compliance. Treasury insights offers a variety of solutions that most treasury and cash management professionals are looking for.

9. Serrala

Serrala's solution areas include accounts payable and receivable automation, payments, treasury and cash visibility, and data and document management.

Serrala's resource page provides insightful articles, videos, whitepapers and factsheets.

10. Nomentia

Nomentia is a leading european treasury and cash management solutions company, dedicated to providing highly efficient cloud treasury and cash management solutions for and with its customers. Nomentia solves the challenges of modern treasurers and cash managers for about 2.000 customers in over 80 countries. Nomentia's solutions cover cash forecasting and visibility, global payments, reconciliation, bank account management, guarantee management, FX risk management, in-house banking, and reporting and workflows.

Just recently, nomentia published a study on the current state of cash and treasury management in large multinational companies. On what the challenges are and how treasury and cash management will evolve in the future.

How to choose the right provider!

Before you make a final decision on a provider, you should go through the following points. First, make sure you clearly identify and understand your needs. Second, what processes can be improved by introducing new solutions and third, involve all necessary stakeholders during the selection decision process.

When you have a choice of provider that meets your needs

Match, schedule a demo appointment or contact these vendors to get insight into the solution and discuss your needs in detail.

If you are going through a request for proposal process, read our article on tips and best practices on the RFP process ,which will help you decide on the ideal solution.