Sublease – what to consider?

In today's fast-paced world, subleases are becoming more and more common. There are plenty of reasons for subletting: a partner suddenly moves out, a longer stay abroad is planned, one's own income is not enough to pay off the loan for the apartment, or one simply decides to start a shared apartment and take in a new flatmate.

But what to consider when it comes to the subject of sublease and how to proceed properly?

Boxie24 has compiled all the important tips and tricks about subletting for you, so that nothing can happen to you here.

Where to put my things during the sublease?

This is a question asked by many people who sublet their living space for reasons however varied. On the one hand you don't want someone else to rummage through your things or even damage something, on the other hand you also want to offer the subtenant as much space as possible for himself, his things and his life. So where to put your household goods while you are 16000 km away in sydney doing a semester abroad or even working for a whole year as an au pair in the united states?? Boxie24 has the solution for those who sublet their room, apartment or even a whole house: store your stuff at boxie24. Boxie24 has locations and partners with storage space in almost all german cities and also offers convenient service around the storage itself. You don't have to worry about transportation to the storage facility, because the boxie24 team will pick up your storage items from your home, store them and when you come back and the sublease is over, we will conveniently bring your items back to you. Furniture storage is also no problem for our hardworking employees. This way, you don't have to worry about anything and you can easily get everything back when your time away from home is over. Boxie24 knows how to rent a comfortable and at the same time cheap storage space.

Sublease contract is signed

Different types of subletting

A subtenant uses individual rooms or areas of an apartment or the entire apartment rented by a third person. Unlike the main tenant – who has a classic lease agreement with the landlord – the subtenant is not a contractual partner of the owner of the apartment. A classic example is a shared apartment, where one person has rented an apartment, occupies one or more rooms himself and sublets the other premises to roommates. However, one also speaks of a subtenant if the main tenant has rented the apartment to a third person due to a longer absence. A sublease must be approved by the owner of the apartment. However, the landlord can only refuse this if the apartment is overcrowded as a result or if there are special reasons against the person of the subtenant.

The sublease agreement represents a second level tenancy relationship. Either a part of a property is rented to a third party, or the whole property is rented to a third party.

Not every roommate is a subtenant

There are – as everywhere – also exceptions: for example, close relatives such as the spouse including children, parents or stepchildren. Just as little are domestic workers such as au pairs or staff who are accommodated in the apartment or house for home care or health care, subtenants.

Then there is a group of people who are allowed to stay in your apartment for up to 8 weeks and only if they exceed the 8 weeks an agreement with your landlord is necessary: this includes relatives such as siblings, adult children, grandchildren, children-in-law and friends.

The right partner for subletting: boxie24

Boxie24 offers you many advantages when you leave the city or the country for a certain period of time. If you don't want to leave your apartment empty for the sake of the community and you don't want to afford the rent during your absence, subletting is an option: you sublet your apartment or room – whether for a limited or unlimited period – and can continue to pay the normal rent with the subletting income.

Boxie24 offers you ideal storage facilities and service for the time of your stay abroad:

Flexible contracts: you can double your semester abroad and stay for a whole year, or you can get your things back earlier if you don't like your job as an aupair and go home early. Boxie24 is known for its flexible and uncomplicated handling of customer requests.

Delivery service: you don't have to worry about a transporter or another vehicle, because we take care of the pick-up from your apartment and deliver back if you wish.

Ideal storage conditions: clean, safe and air-conditioned. This is the standard in all our camps!

This should be in the sublease agreement

The sublease agreement describes the rights and obligations of both parties. Not between the tenant and the landlord as in a normal rental agreement, but between the main tenant and the subtenant.

Important components of the sublease agreement:

  • Names of main and subtenant
  • Address of the property; for apartments with floor
  • Description of the rental property : rooms that are used jointly and rooms that only one party may use; likewise, equipment that may be used jointly or only by a particular tenant should be registered.
  • Number of keys issued
  • Reference to the main rental agreement : here reference should be made to the main rental agreement and the applicable house rules.
  • Written consent of the landlord
  • Lease term : start of the lease and if it is for a fixed term, there must be a justification (z.B. Own need § 575 BGB)
  • Periods of notice: normally a period of 3 months applies, if another period is agreed upon, this must be clearly stated in writing
  • Amount of rent and additional costs
  • Landlord's account details : this is the account to which the rent should be paid
  • Deposit : a deposit should be agreed upon for security purposes. Normally this amounts to 3 monthly cold rents
  • Use of tenancy: careful handling of the premises and jointly used objects should be agreed upon
  • Possibly : agreement on the purchase and repair of common household appliances: if, for example, a new refrigerator is to be purchased or the dishwasher is to break down, the sublease agreement should specify how and whether the subtenant will share in the costs

It is also advisable to prepare a log similar to an apartment handover log. This creates a basis of trust for the main tenant and subtenant and provides a safeguard for future handover in the event of a move.

If there are no specific agreements regarding the service charges, their subsequent payment or cosmetic repairs, the subtenant does not have to pay for them.

Also important: income from subleases must be declared in the tax return according to § 21 1 estg.

Differences between a fixed-term and an unlimited sublease agreement

A fixed-term sublease – also called a temporary lease – must include start and end dates in writing. In addition, the main tenant must inform the subtenant in writing of the reason for the time limit. The easiest way to practice this is to include the reason in the sublease agreement. In the case of fixed-term subleases, it is usually not possible to terminate before the end of the contract.

Boxie24 Storage Bear

If there is only an initial date in the sublease agreement, it constitutes an indefinite sublease agreement. The regular right of cancellation applies here: 3 months notice, which doubles to 6 if the main tenant cancels without giving reasons. In the case of a furnished room, a short-term termination is usually agreed: the main tenant can give notice to the subtenant until 15. Of a month for no reason. The subtenant must then vacate the room by the end of that month. If the former subtenant then comes for the time being only with a friend under accommodation, is also for him boxie24 the right contact: we store his things in the temporary storage and bring you back when he has found a new apartment. Self-storage is a good and cheap way to cope with moves and stays abroad.