Solidly healthy


Artabana members support each other in case of sickness

For people hearing about this model for the first time, life without health insurance is often unimaginable. Again and again similar questions come up. At the same time, the essence of the artabana movement – we often speak of the "artabana spirit" – is difficult to explain, and experiences are individual. In the following, when I answer the "frequently asked questions", I show my personal view of artabana.

" Is it really possible to live without health insurance?" Artabana works fundamentally differently than insurance. The communities are founded on the basis of personal responsibility and solidarity. I pay contributions so that other people in need can be helped. The basic question is, "what am I willing to give??", and not, "what can I get?". If everyone is willing to contribute, then I can trust that I will get help when I am in need myself. However, this is not the primary motivation, and there is no entitlement to benefits. This kind of backing has a completely different quality than coverage in a health insurance company. We are often asked, "what do you do when …" – when z. B. A whole bus full of artabanis has an accident, and all of them are seriously injured at the same time. We do not provide actuarial answers to this, although we must and can prove our ability to pay each year.
Fears and safety needs are different for all of us and need to be dealt with mindfully. Artabana, however, focuses on trust and health. We are therefore concerned with questions such as "what am I doing to become or remain healthy??" Or "how can we create living conditions that are conducive to good health??".

"Does artabana work without money?" No. Almost all artabana communities have an account with GLS bank. At the beginning of the year, each member makes a contribution pledge, which consists of the expected costs for their own health care and a share for the common solidarity fund. In order to be able to help in larger emergencies, the communities join together in regional alliances and thus form larger communities of solidarity among themselves. There is also a nationwide firefighting fund from which loans can be made available immediately. However, the actual process of giving subsequently usually takes place where people know each other personally – within their own community or in the region.

"What does self-government mean??"The artabana movement consists of over one hundred communities, which are organized as gbr or association. Regular meetings are held where people exchange ideas and take an interest in each other. The necessary administrative work is organized on a voluntary basis. At the local level there are z. B. Treasurers, internet managers and contact persons for interested parties. The board of artabana germany e. V. Represents the movement to the outside world and is supported by a number of active members, who are committed to the various organizational and content-related tasks. Board meetings and conference calls are open to all interested artabanis. People who are strongly committed to the whole movement sometimes reach the limits of their volunteer capacity. Then we look together for a coherent balance, which flows either on a financial level or according to individual needs. So a few years ago, the treasurer received help around the house during the busy time of year-end closing. Other artabanis agreed to cook, clean windows and help take care of their children.
The principle of self-management also takes effect in the regional alliances and in the various nationwide events. Once a year, the general meeting of artabana deutschland e. V. Instead of. Since we make decisions by consensus whenever possible, these gatherings are always a good bit of work. Every critical voice and every suggestion wants to have space and be heard.

"Doesn't a lot of time then have to be invested in conflict resolution?" We experiment with a wide variety of forms of large and small group work. Some methods have been tried and tested for years, others have been discarded for our meetings. My experience is that especially the big artabana gatherings are always carried by the common spirit. Of course there are differences of opinion, arguments and people who clash in their differences. At the same time, our encounters are characterized by openness, warmth of heart and the willingness to practice mindfulness and appreciation for each other. In this sense artabana is also a great training ground for a new, social togetherness. There are many artabanis with whom I have a deep friendship that has grown over the years, even though our daily lives take place many hundreds of kilometers apart.

"What is the task of the artabana mentors??" Godparents are usually artabanis with many years of experience. They accompany founding meetings, give tips and advice. New groups join the respective regional alliance in their area and can then join the association artabana deutschland e. V. Have them admitted, which is advisable.
The board of the germany-wide association receives assignments from the general meeting and always has its ear to the ground in the regions to hear what is important to the artabanis there. The board of directors, which currently consists of three people, is supported by various working groups."

"What happens when someone becomes seriously ill?" There is no set catalog of services at artabana. I am free to choose the therapy that seems most appropriate for my healing journey. When I was hospitalized as an emergency a few years ago, an artabana friend accompanied me. She went to the hospital administration and did all the organizational things there. "My" artabanis were available to me day and night and provided everything I needed in terms of support during and after my hospital stay. My difficulty was not that artabana did not work, but rather was to accept all the gifts that were given to me both financially and humanly.
Together we have managed many emergencies, even big ones. Often creative, individual solutions arise. So could z. B. Ever a rehab after a stroke is completely covered by the therapists from our own community.

"How big are the groups?" There are communities with five members and others with thirty, it is very different. Large groups sometimes divide because contacts are more intense in a smaller circle.

"Is artabana only for young people??" No, in the artabana movement all age groups can be found. The youngest members always bring atmosphere into the meetings and make their own program.

" How can I join artabana??"Artabana lives through personal contact. New members are therefore accepted into the communities only after a period of getting to know each other.
On the internet there is a list of public contact persons all over germany, who give hints for interested people. It may be useful to look at several communities or attend a larger gathering to get a sense of the diversity of artabana. Because no two groups are alike, and the artabana idea is implemented in different ways.

"If artabana works so well, the groups are not then confronted with hundreds of interested parties?" Many people who discover us find artabana exciting. But if you only want to save money and escape from the statutory health insurance, you are not in the right place with us. Compulsorily insured individuals also cannot switch to artabana for legal reasons. The situation has also become more difficult for the self-employed since the health care reform. There are many artabanis who are part of our movement in addition to a normal health insurance policy. Artabana germany e. V. Is striving for legal acceptance as an alternative insurance in the event of illness. The implementation of this request has cost a lot of energy in recent years. However, there is not yet a final regulation.