Mini lightning loans without proof: is there such a thing?


You need a few hundred euros very quickly, because your vehicle must be brought to the workshop or you need to buy a new washing machine, because your old one no longer does it? The credit to be taken up should be however as unbureaucratic as possible and without proofs to be obtained? So, in plain language, you are just looking for a provider of mini lightning loans without evidence and wonder if there is such a thing at all?

Lightning in a thunderstorm night: Who wants a lightning loan, wants an abrupt or immediate payment of the requested loan amount

What is a mini lightning loan anyway?

The mini lightning loan is a type of credit that combines the "mini loan" and the "lightning loan" in itself. The "mini" refers to the loan amount, which according to common definitions for the mini loan is the 1.000 EUR mark is not exceeded. "Lightning" refers to the time span between positive credit decision (respectively credit granting) and actual disbursement of the requested credit amount. It should be clear that due to the existing "pressure of suffering" the desired amount should be paid out as quickly as possible, preferably immediately and thus in a flash.

Mini lightning loans without proof

If you are now explicitly looking for providers for mini lightning loans without evidence, you not only have the desire that the relatively small loan amount will be paid out quickly, but also that the whole process of application is as fast and unbureaucratic as possible. Various proofs and documents you do not want to have to collect to convince the provider that you are actually able to pay back the mini lightning loan again. In addition, the loan application should be quick and easy to do online.

What you basically need for the loan application?

To get in germany a mini lightning loan without proof of income or. To be able to apply for a salary certificate, you must generally be able to meet at least the following requirements:

  • Official residence in the federal republic of germany
  • German current account / bank account
  • Full legal capacity (given if the 18. Has reached the age of 18 and there is no mental disability)

Providers for mini lightning loans without proof

To be honest, there are only special providers on the internet for mini-loans, who grant smaller loan amounts and pay them out quickly, even without proof. (with larger loan sums then usually already a more detailed credit check takes place).) some even offer an express function where – for an additional fee – the credit amount is paid out immediately. So it's fair to say that there are providers of mini lightning loans without proof, but we won't name them here for the sake of neutrality. What we would like to say at this point, however, is that there are also some dubious providers in this area, around which you should give a wide berth!

Never pay upfront costs!

If a provider for mini lightning loans without evidence or a credit mediator for instant loans without SCHUFA before legally effective granting of your loan application any fees or advance costs demand, should with you IMMEDIATELY all alarm bells go on! Because here you have it in the vast majority of cases with fraud and rip-off to do!

Reputable providers of mini lightning loans without evidence will not, under any circumstances, make you pay even before the requested loan is approved. Please heed the very important tip just mentioned, so that you do not have an even more difficult time later than you already do.

Pawn loans as mini lightning loans without proofs

A type of credit that could well pass as a mini lightning credit without evidence is the deposit credit. This is neither a SCHUFA query nor a SCHUFA entry is made nor a salary certificate required from you. The only thing you need to take out a pawn loan with immediate payment is an object of value that can be pledged and mortgaged. It probably doesn't get much less bureaucratic or faster than this, though you will need to go to a pawn shop near you.

Valuable items can be electronic equipment, furniture, watches, jewelry or even paintings. However, you can also drive your car to a special car pawnshop to borrow this.