Individual renovation roadmap (isfp)

Individual renovation roadmap: With promotion to the saniertten real estate

The energy-efficient refurbishment of old buildings is a top priority – also from a political point of view. The federal government is working flat out to reduce dependence on fossil fuels such as oil and gas as much as possible. One of the measures is to promote the renovation of old buildings, as this is an area with particularly high potential for savings. That's why owners of real estate from the inventory are now challenged. The federal government is currently working to redefine and make available the corresponding funding pools. Currently, there are already interesting funding opportunities that focus in particular on the conversion from gas and oil to electricity and green energy. A key measure that is subsidized up to 80 percent of the cost is an individual renovation roadmap (isfp) prepared by a certified energy consultant.

What does an individual renovation roadmap do??

An individual renovation roadmap is intended to provide owners of existing properties with an overview of technically feasible and economically viable renovation options tailored to the building in question. This can then be used to plan the refurbishment, funding opportunities and any necessary external financing in detail. This reorganization roadmap can be converted afterwards both in a building measure in addition, in several steps over several years.

But caution is advised, as the term "individual renovation roadmap" is not legally protected. For this reason, it is important that the energy consultant commissioned to draw up the energy performance certificate uses the standardized isfp developed on behalf of the german government by the german energy agency and the institute for energy and environmental research as an instrument. The energy consultant:in must also be certified. If this is the case, the latter can also apply for subsidies and monitor the progress of the renovation work.

The standards contain specifications for the consultation, but also for the presentation of the results. In this way, the owners receive a detailed report in which proposed measures are clearly presented and arranged on the basis of a timeline in such a way that they build on each other in a logical manner.

Who prepares an individual renovation roadmap and what does it cost??

Energy consultants, architects or engineers can issue individual renovation schedules. However, if you want to receive a state subsidy, the consultant you hire must be approved under BAFA's "energy advice for residential buildings" subsidy program and registered on the energy efficiency expert list (EEE list).

The cost of an isfp for a single-family home is between 1.600 and 2.100 euros. This depends on the size of the building, the layout and the structural conditions . After deducting the subsidy, the personal contribution is between 300 and 800 euros. In principle, the service to be provided and the fee can be freely negotiated. For example, the consultation is more detailed and the fee is correspondingly higher if you combine an energy-efficient renovation with an age-appropriate conversion.

The state covers 80 percent of the cost of energy consulting and subsequent preparation of the renovation roadmap for the entire residential building.

  • Maximum subsidy for detached and semi-detached houses 1.300 euros
  • For buildings with more than three residential units maximum 1.700 euros
  • Condominium owners' associations receive up to an additional 500 euros if the energy consultant presents the renovation concept at a condominium owners' meeting.

A customized renovation roadmap must always be standardized.

The subsidy is always handled by the federal office of economics and export control (BAFA). The prerequisite for the grant is that the isfp complies with the detailed BAFA funding guidelines. The renovation concept must provide for step-by-step renovation and/or overall renovation in one go to a kfw efficiency house.

In addition, an isfp (individual renovation roadmap) must include information on primary energy demand, final energy demand and CO2 emissions, as well as energy costs, estimated total investment costs, future maintenance costs and federal funding opportunities.

Unfortunately, it is hard for non-experts to see which products meet BAFA requirements. For this reason, the standard developed on behalf of the german government (isfp) should be contractually agreed upon when the energy consultant is hired. The energy consultant then takes care of everything else and also applies for the subsidy. The subsidy for the consulting service is then deducted from the total costs of the isfp from the final bill, so that as a rule a personal contribution of between 300 – 800 EUR must be paid.

What is the benefit of an individual renovation roadmap?

  1. Solid overview of the energy status of the house or apartment and the potential for energy savings.
  2. The isfp is a good basis for planning refurbishments, the resulting financial burdens, the awarding of contracts to tradesmen and the plannable timeframe (even over years).
  3. An individual renovation roadmap makes you capable of taking action – even in the short term. One does not have to begin immediately with the conversion. If z. B. The heating system suddenly fails, the isfp helps to ensure that the installer then implements the heating system renewal in accordance with this – . And not simply replace the existing heating system with a comparable one.
  4. The subsidy landscape is currently particularly in motion. If then new and/or. If favorable funding options open up, you can react quickly.

A major disadvantage is that photovoltaic systems are not included in the standardized individual renovation roadmap. This is particularly criticized by energy experts. Because a photovoltaic system would be able to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels even further.

Which subsidies are possible?

If the final result of the renovation meets a kfw efficiency house standard, an application for a subsidy loan or grant from the kfw is possible. Depending on the kfw efficiency house standard achieved, you can then receive up to 75.000 euros.

The subsidy for individual measures can be applied for at the federal office of economics and export control (BAFA). It also provides for a so-called isfp bonus. This means that if a renovation measure based on the isfp is implemented within 15 years of the energy consulting, the respective subsidy rate increases by a further 5 percent.

Example: if you have your facade insulated and receive 40.If the owner invests EUR 000, he or she receives a 20 percent subsidy, i.E. 8 percent.000 euros. If the insulation was proposed in the individual renovation roadmap, there is an additional 2.000 euro, i.E. A total of 10.000 euro.

If you implement several individual measures spread over several years, you will receive a bonus each time. The sequence of measures does not necessarily have to correspond to the sequence proposed in the isfp. Slight deviations in content are also possible, provided that the energy quality does not deteriorate as a result. For example, instead of a gas hybrid heating system proposed in the isfp, one can then have a heat pump installed.

For the isfp bonus, the respective funding guidelines must be met. This includes, among other things, specifications for energy efficiency. In addition, a skilled craftsman must carry out the construction work. There is also an upper limit for the eligible costs. For individual measures, it amounts to 60.000 euros per measure. Particularly important: it is always mandatory to apply for the subsidy before starting the construction work.

For the full refurbishment, a pre-financing consultation is recommended

Despite BAFA subsidies and kfw loans, anyone considering a full renovation of an existing property will often find after handing over the individual renovation roadmap that equity capital, kfw loans and BAFA subsidies are not sufficient to finance the renovation. This is when intelligent financing solutions come into play, which help you to manage the modernization project as cost-effectively and flexibly as possible. If an individual renovation roadmap is available and the total costs are included in it, we recommend talking to the bank-independent construction financing consultancy ACCEDO AG. This free consultation shows you how you can possibly manage and finance the proposed renovation steps in a construction project without taking a big risk. Because one thing is pretty certain: from a cost point of view it is better to act quickly. Because it will probably not become more favorable in foreseeable time.