Credit without schufa – fast help with negative schufa

If a consumer applies for a loan at a german bank, in almost all cases a schufa inquiry is made. In addition to the actual scoring procedure, the schufa information is one of the most important decision-making aids when considering a loan application. Even a single negative schufa entry usually leads to rejection of the loan application by german banks. Many credit institutions, but also mail order companies and mobile phone providers work closely with the schufa, the schutzgemeinschaft fur allgemeine kreditsicherung, closely together. If a bill is not paid on time, and a judicial dunning procedure is only once initiated, this inevitably leads to a negative schufa entry. If even the house bank is no longer a loan, then often only a loan without schufa helps.
What is a credit without schufa?
For a loan without schufa is a perfect schufa information without negative entries is not a prerequisite for a positive credit decision. If the requested loan is granted, the information is not forwarded to schufa. A loan without schufa is mainly offered by banks in switzerland. The application of the desired credit makes the consumer there online, the further steps take place afterwards on the post office way. For very small loan amounts (mostly up to 3.500 euros), many domestic banks now also waive a corresponding inquiry.

The advantages of a loan without schufa

  • Suitable for all employees over the age of 18.
  • Credit opportunity even in difficult cases.
  • No schufa information necessary.
  • New credit is not reported to schufa.
  • Credit for free use bspw. For debt restructuring, account balancing, car and travel.
  • Absolutely discreet processing by mail.
  • Loan payment by mail possible.
  • No upfront costs.

Credit without schufa – what is the process??

Submit credit request online

The application for a loan without schufa is done online. Providers such as bonkredit provide you with an appropriate form for this purpose. All data necessary for processing the loan application is recorded here. The inquiry at bonkredit is in any case absolutely non-binding and 100 percent free of charge. In case of queries, a telephone contact option is available.

Quick credit check

After a short time you will already receive a confirmation of receipt. At the same time, your creditworthiness and credit rating are checked. In case of queries or missing documents, you will of course be contacted immediately.

Offers and credit agreements

If a credit granting is realistic, an appropriate communication, including suitable offers, takes place within fewer hours for comparison. The prepared loan agreement can be printed out and sent by mail.

Are there alternatives to a loan without schufa

Procedure when applying for a loan

Credit offers for a loan without schufa usually come from abroad. Especially banks from switzerland and liechtenstein offer corresponding offers here. But also some smaller and medium-sized banks in germany, allow potential customers a credit. Depending on factors such as loan amount, financing purpose and collateral, despite a negative schufa feature, a loan is also possible in germany.

Important for all loans without schufa!
For any credit, including credit without schufa, a consumer needs sufficient creditworthiness or. Debt service ability. He must prove beyond doubt that he is able to repay the disbursed credit according to the agreed conditions, without disruptions. For this purpose, a regular income is a basic requirement.

Credit without schufa – is it serious??

A loan without schufa is a special form of installment credit. As with any other type of credit, there are also many black sheep, which can bring an entire industry into disrepute through shady methods. On the basis of some features, however, you can very easily distinguish a serious and at the same time trustworthy provider from a dubious intermediary.

Credit without schufa – so please not!

High costs for credit without Schufa

There are some clear indications that a credit provider does not work seriously. How to recognize dubious offers at first glance:

  • Credit offers without schufa with the prospect of exorbitant loan amounts.
  • There are a number of upfront costs.
  • The effective annual interest rate is unrivaled favorable.

In contrast to the framework conditions just mentioned, you can recognize a trustworthy credit comparison or. Lenders at the following characteristics. A fair partnership is characterized by:

A completely free credit comparison

A serious loan comparison is always free of charge. This also applies to credit without schufa. There must be no costs or fees for the actual comparison as well as for the different offers.

No fees before disbursement of a loan

If upfront costs, for example in the form of brokerage fees are required, you should immediately become alert and refrain from these offers. If the required fee is paid, the contact usually breaks off immediately. A loan offered in prospect is never paid out.

No visits from sales representatives and unsolicited phone calls

No home visit from reputable credit brokers

Unwanted visits from representatives or annoying phone calls are unfortunately not uncommon. Once dubious providers have your personal data, this can happen quite well. Trustworthy portals have a free telephone hotline. Here the customer can call from itself and receives competent support to all its concerns.

A free telephone contact option

A reputable company usually provides its customers with free telephone advice from experienced credit experts. This service is part of the service offer and may of course cost nothing.

Dispatch of offer and credit contracts are also free of charge

Providers who charge fees and expenses in advance for the offer and the dispatch of credit documents, you should also avoid.

The schufa – tasks and objectives

What is actually the schufa and what services it provides? Schufa holding AG is a non-governmental credit agency that aims to provide its affiliated partners with detailed information about the creditworthiness of individuals and companies. The company headquarters is located in wiesbaden. Shareholders are banks as well as trading companies and service providers of all kinds.

The schufa holding AG has a huge stock of stored data. It holds information on around 75 percent of all german citizens. In addition, information on the creditworthiness of over 4 million companies is also available. The schufa generates the sensitive information thereby to a large extent with consent of the customers over their partners. These are mainly banks, online retailers and mobile phone providers. Also public sources such as debtor lists with courts are consulted for extensive search purposes.

By the multiplicity of the won data the schufa can provide also very precise statistics and elevations, for example over the development of the locked instalment credit contracts in the last years, and the general public make available.

Where I get my own schufa information?

How to get your own Schufa information

A loan helps to bridge a financial bottleneck. Most of the first way a loan seeker then leads to his house bank. The surprise is great when a loan, which in most cases is also needed quickly, is rejected because of a negative schufa information. But not only loans are prevented by a bad schufa information, also the occupation of a new apartment often fails because of a negative schufa. However, a schufa characteristic does not always have to be correct. Again and again information proves to be no longer accurate or simply wrong.

Timely information about what data is available at schufa and its verification helps early to initiate measures for correction. At the time of the credit request, it is already too late. To claim and change an erroneous entry, sometimes months go by. To protect against disadvantages, it is useful in advance to know his own schufa data. Schufa itself offers every citizen a free service for this purpose.

Schufa information annually free of charge check
since the 1. April 2010, it is possible for every citizen in germany to request a free schufa self-disclosure once a year. This was established by the legislature to grant each person insight into the data records collected and stored about him. A corresponding form for this purpose is available on the website meineschufa.De to find. This must be completed in full and forwarded by post to schufa with a copy of the identity card. Direct queries are also possible, but they are included in the services of the company for which a fee is charged.

Credit without schufa – further questions and answers

  • The minimum age is 18 years.
  • Applicants must have a residence in germany.
  • A regular income. This can be income from employment and self-employment. Pensions and annuities are also included.

In the case of unemployment benefit or harz IV receipt, another applicant is always needed, who fulfills the conditions already mentioned.

Documents for the credit without Schufa

By submitting various personal documents you help the respective credit partner to make a positive credit decision for you. But they also serve as proof of the accuracy of the self-disclosure submitted by you when applying for a loan. Above all, proof of income and bank statements showing monthly income and expenses provide a quick overview of the applicant's personal financial behavior. In some cases, rental agreements are also suitable for further assessment of creditworthiness.

It goes without saying that the applicable data protection regulations are strictly observed and all documents are handled with the utmost care. After completing all the procedures, you will receive the submitted documents back immediately.

In principle, as with any other loan, these documents are required:

  • Wage or salary statements (usually for the last 3 months)
  • Original bank statements of the last 4 weeks. (salary account and current regular debits).
  • In the case of self-employed persons and freelancers, income tax assessment notices and business management evaluations (BWA) for the last 3 years are required.
  • Copy of identity card or passport.

Many work processes are standardized in today's world. Nevertheless, every transaction is individual. Therefore, it may be that further documents are requested. If a lender needs additional assistance, they will contact you.

Especially self-employed and freelancers have a hard time getting a loan from their bank these days for a variety of reasons. A loan without schufa can be a very good alternative here.

Your request is usually processed within 24 hours, as with an express loan. You will then immediately receive offers by mail or e-mail. All offers are very easy to understand and clearly laid out. The necessary mandatory information, which is extremely important for an objective comparison is clearly presented.